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Luke: The Good News of God's Mercy (Six Weeks with the Bible for Catholic Teens)

Luke: The Good News of God's Mercy (Six Weeks with the Bible for Catholic Teens)

The book of Luke has been described as one of the most beautiful books ever written, and Luke: The Good News of God's Mercy brings this beauty to life for teens as they study the life of Jesus and what Jesus can mean for their lives. Luke’s Gospel deals with the issue of being open to God’s work through Jesus. Luke shows us that God has made salvation available through Jesus’ birth, life, death, and resurrection. In many ways, God’s action through Jesus was unexpected, even for the Jewish people of the time. The salvation Jesus brings goes far beyond what people were looking for. It also makes demands on those who accept it. So we meet people in Luke’s Gospel who are astonished by Jesus. They are struggling to understand what Jesus was offering them and how they should respond.
In the Gospel of Luke, we make contact with a will other than our own. God shows that he is not a spectator-god who made a DVD of the universe billions of years ago and now sits back to watch. God has a loving plan; God makes things happen. It is this active, involved God who comes to Mary and tells her about his plan for her in Luke’s Gospel. As we begin reading the Gospel of Luke, are we prepared to meet this God?
Designed as a guided discovery, Six Weeks with the Bible for Catholic Teens introduces high school students to books of the Bible by integrating the biblical text with insightful questions to help youth discern what Scripture means for their lives today. The series provides students with a clear explanation of Biblical text, opportunities for prayer, and a means to enter into conversation with God.

Kevin Perrotta, Mr. Kevin Perrotta, Mr. Gerald Darring
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