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Living Vatican II: The 21st Council for the 21st Century

Living Vatican II: The 21st Council for the 21st Century

Part memoir, part history of the Church during one of her most exciting and controversial periods, this memorable book by eminent theologian Gerald O'Collins tells the story of the aftermath of Vatican II and how it affected him personally. He explores the work of some institutions in Rome and elsewhere towards implementing the teaching and decisions of Vatican II; the guidelines provided by a fourth-century example of creative fidelity in receiving conciliar teaching; the liturgical renewal after Vatican II; the reception of the Council's moral teaching; his own postoconciliar relations with other Christians and with other believers; and the impact of Vatican II on theology. Finally, O'Collins offers suggestions about the future of the Church. "But what did the Council do for me personally--as a Catholic Christian and a Jesuit priest?" The author's highly personal approach in answering this and other questions makes for a compulsively readable book that illuminates the workings of the Church as as the mind of one of the leading theologians of the 20th century.Gerald O'Collins;, Gerald O'Collins
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