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Living Beyond the "End of the World": A Spirituality of Hope

by Margaret Swedish , Magaret Swedish

Living Beyond the "End of the World": A Spirituality of Hope
Publication date: 2015-02-26
ISBN: 9781570757679
Melting polar ice-caps, Hurricane Katrina, and the loss of New Orleans--are these signs of things to come?
In this bracing lamentation, Margaret Swedish outlines a series of interrelated forces that could well undermine the fabric of life as we know it: global warming and climate change; the depletion of petroleum resources; overpopulation and the exhaustion of natural resources; the collapse of a debtor economy; and the escalation of global violence.
While letting these current and pending threats speak for themselves, Swedish poses a challenge to people of faith: What kind of human beings will we be as we approach this difficult period in human history? Finally, she outlines the values, the vision, and the spiritual resources that might nurture a new human community and thus ensure a future for coming generations.Margaret Swedish, Magaret Swedish