Lift Up Your Hearts: Homilies for the 'a' Cycle


Lift Up Your Hearts: Homilies for the 'a' Cycle
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ISBN: 9780809142880
This collection of homilies represents the efforts of three preachers to interpret the lives of a community of faith and lead them deeper into the liturgy and life. The first intent of LIFT UP YOUR HEARTS is to focus on homilies as acts of interpretation, in which: "the preacher does not so much attempt to explain the Scriptures as to interpret the human situation through the Scriptures." This book casts the homilist not so much as a teacher but as a "mediator of meaning"--speaking words that help the community to know itself and to act as the People of God, the Body of Christ, and the dwelling place of the Holy Spirit. In addition, these homilies are intended to move the parishioners toward the act of Eucharist, to giving praise and thanks here and now, and then beyond the Church doors, out into the world to take part in the mission of the Church. 112073 Wallace et al, James A. Wallace, Robert P. Waznak, Guerric DeBona

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