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Landings: Training DVD

Landings: Training DVD

Landings is a parish program that invites all Catholic parishes and communities to reach out to Catholics who have been away from the Church or who struggle in their relation- ship with God and the Church. In a welcoming and nonjudgmental way, small groups of active lay Catholics meet for eight to ten sessions with returning Catholics to share their spiritual journeys and explore their Catholic faith. The benefits to returning Catholics are many: • A supportive community within which to ask questions, discuss issues, and deal with difficulties in a confidential setting • An opportunity to be with ordinary Catholics who are trying to live their faith • A safe environment to come to terms with recent changes within the Church and themselves Landings International, a ministry of the Paulist Fathers, trains team members to give witness to the Church’s mission of reconciliation. With its proven methods, worldwide out- reach, and enthusiastic support, both from participants and parish ministers, Landings is a successful example of lived faith ministering to the needs of returning Catholics, pro- viding them with a safe harbor, or landing place, to explore their faith and future within the Church.Landings International
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