Just Water: Theology, Ethics and the Global Water Crisis

by Christiana Z. Peppard

Just Water: Theology, Ethics and the Global Water Crisis
Publication date: 2014-01-10
Number of pages: 240
ISBN: 9781626980563
Shows the value of fresh water at the intersections of hydrology, ecology, ethics, theology and Catholic social teaching.

Do we truly understand the significance of fresh water in an era of economic globalization? Aimed at the educated non-specialist as well as scholars, Just Water seeks to inform readers of important aspects of the global fresh water crisis while also providing ethical analysis and principled recommendations about fresh water use and scarcity in the twenty-first century. Ultimately, this book is an invitation to expand global discourse about the value of fresh water as a unique, non-substitutable substance that serves as a baseline for human existence--and at the same time to offer tools for understanding and appreciating contemporary ethical problems posed by a century of looming fresh water scarcity.
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