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Julian's Gospel: Illuminating the Life and Revelations of Julian of Norwich

by Veronica M. Rolf; , Veronica Mary Rolf

Julian's Gospel:  Illuminating the Life and Revelations of Julian of Norwich
Publication date: 2013-10-15
Number of pages: 456
ISBN: 9781626980365
This fascinating study of the life and work of Julian of Norwich, the 14th century English mystic, whose Revelations is among the most popular and influential works of Christian mysticism, is the first book to combine an historical reconstruction of Julian's life in 14th century Norwich with a comprehensive commentary on her Revelations in a new and faithful translation from the Middle English. Unlike other brief summaries of Julian's life and times, this book goes in-depth to uncover the political, cultural, social, and religious milieu that formed and deeply influenced her development as a woman and a mystic. Additionally, unlike other textual companions to Julian's work that provide only short explanations of Middle English words, or merely footnote theological terms, this work gives the reader a detailed analysis of her writings, illuminating her ground-breaking mystical theology with extensive scholarship. Throughout, the book creates a strong dramatic arc for Julian's Revelations that interweaves her personal sufferings and burning questions with her visionary experiences, producing a compelling spiritual biography.Veronica M. Rolf;, Veronica Mary Rolf

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