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Judaism and Catholicism

Judaism and Catholicism

As Pope Francis states, Catholics are called to foster a society of peace and justice, which requires dialogue and collaboration with all human beings, many of whom declare themselves as believers, yet, pray and live differently us. But how does that dialogue even begin if we know little or nothing of the beliefs and practices of others? This book on Judaism and Catholicism is part of a larger series entitled We Are All Children of God that describes world religions from a Catholic perspective. In this book, using clear and straightforward language, complete with images and reflective questions, Catholics learn what is true and holy in Judaism, appreciate and celebrate the differences between our faiths, and we discern how to live and interact with Jews, as we collaborate on achieving peace and justice in our world. Through the process, with text approved by the Catholic Bishops of Ontario, Catholics can better understand and deepen their own faith, and appreciate how important God is in becoming fully human.Novalis
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