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Journey of Light: Stories of Dawn After Darkness

Journey of Light: Stories of Dawn After Darkness

Drawn from real life and brimming with wisdom, this collection of original stories combines the inspiration of Chicken Soup for the Soul, the charm of Life’s Little Instruction Book, and the immediacy of Tuesdays with Morrie.
What is the most precious gift we can leave to the next generation? For Peter Shockey and Stowe D. Shockey, financial security, happy memories of loving times, and an understanding of what constitutes a well-lived life provided a starting point for thinking about their own legacy. But they also wanted to be sure that the wisdom they gained in their lifetime would be shared with their friends, family, and future generations. In Journey of Light they offer the ultimate lessons of their own lives and gems of wisdom gathered from people whose lives influenced them along the way. The stories in Journey of Light encompass the full spectrum of human experience. Built on the struggles of Stowe's own Dickens-style childhood, they recount moments of light and dark, joy and frustration, pain and recovery. What unites them is the realization that the journey through life is lit by the Light of God. Interviews with people who have returned from near-death experiences reveal a common phenomenon that many of them refer to as the ripple effect. Upon seeing their lives “flash before their eyes,” they understood that their actions, like ripples from a pebble cast into a pond, radiated out to touch the lives of those closest to them. Their stories and those of others in Journey of Light illustrate the interconnections between individual lives and show that one person’s decision to share God’s Light can help and heal countless others.

Peter Schockey, Peter Shockey, Stowe D. Shockey
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