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Jesus of Galilee: Contextual Christology for the 21st Century

Jesus of Galilee: Contextual Christology for the 21st Century

Theologians from around the world explore what it means to be a follower of Jesus of Galilee in the twenty-first century.

In response to a question Pope Benedict XVI posed to Catholic scholars-- What has Jesus really brought . . . if he has not brought world peace, universal prosperity, and a better world? theologians from around the world gathered together in Galilee to dialogue about the significance of Jesus today. The resulting essays reflect on the significance and understanding of the historical Jesus from their social locations in the U.S., including Japanese Americans, Hispanic/Latino Americans, and African Americans, and from Latin America, Europe, Nigeria, Korea, and Mexico.

Included among these prominent scholars are Gustavo Gutiérrez, Jon Sobrino, Shawn Copeland, Virgil Elizondo, Sean Freyne, Jacques Audinet, Jamie Phelps, Roberto Goizueta, and many others.Robert Lassalle-Klein
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