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It's Your Call

by Gillian Girodat

It's Your Call
Publication date: 2007-03-15
Number of pages: 16
ISBN: 9782895078296
For Catholics, your vocation is your life's call from God. This bold, bright, full-colour magazine-style resource offers teens an exciting collection of calls to respond to: priest, sister, monk, wife, husband, deacon, brother. Sassy, hip, in your face and designed to get teens to turn on, tune in and think about their vocation. Based on interviews with real Canadians who talk candidly about how they answered God's call. Knowing your vocation isn't another multiple-choice test. Figuring it out is about prayer, mystery, faithfulness, trust, patience, discovery and love. This resource reminds young people who may feel lost and aimless that God has a call for each one of them. Aimed at teens 12 to 17 years, It's Your Call is also essential for anyone working with Catholic young people: School chaplains Religious Education teachers Youth ministers Vocation directors Pastors Parents 16 pages, paperback, full-colour 8-1/2"" x 11"" Gillian Girodat