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Introduction to the Study of Religion

by Ring et al. , Nancy C. Ring, Kathleen S. Nash, Mary N. MacDonald

Introduction to the Study of Religion
Publication date: 2012-10-03
Number of pages: 424
ISBN: 9781570759970
Used in classrooms as diverse as Florida A&M, the University of Dayton, Le Moyne College, and Gettysburg College, this introductory text helps students think through the basic questions that arise in the study of religion. What is the nature of religious experience? How does religion shape the actions of individuals and communities? How does religion promote or inhibit human development and well-being?

Based on classroom use, this edition has been updated throughout, including new examples and themes such as religious fundamentalism and violence. It consolidates some sections that seemed not to work as well and puts more emphasis on environmental issues. All resources at the end of the chapters have been updated.

Developed and tested through team teaching and refined and revised through classroom use, Introduction to the Study of Religion brings together examples from a variety of world religions to explore these questions. Each chapter contains illustrations and sidebars that relate more abstract concepts to the student s life experience as well as study/research activities, suggested readings, and audiovisual resources. The final chapter explores current issues such as patriarchy, alienating images of God, religion in the face of suffering, and cults. A glossary of terms used is included.Ring et al., Nancy C. Ring, Kathleen S. Nash, Mary N. MacDonald, Fred Glennon

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