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Introducing Nicholas of Cusa: A Guide to a Renaissance Man

Introducing Nicholas of Cusa: A Guide to a Renaissance Man

Nicholas of Cusa (1401-1464) was one of the most illustrious figures of the fifteenth century--a man whose imagination spanned the late Middle Ages and the Renaissance to point the way to modernity. Theologian, philosopher, canon lawyer, reformer, church statesman, and cardinal, Cusanus' ideas of learned ignorance and the coincidence of opposites still attract attention today across a wide variety of disciplines. However, there is no one book in the marketplace that explains to a general audience all the different facets of this Renaissance man. This book, which might be considered "Nicholas of Cusa 101," offers separate chapters for the non-specialist introducing the vocabulary, ideas, and works of Nicholas of Cusa on a wide variety of topics. The book also provides a guide to his works in Latin, English, and other languages; all the secondary literature on each topic treated; a glossary of Cusan terms and ideas; and a guide to Cusan societies, sites, libraries, and museums.N/A, Christopher M. Bellitto, Thomas M. Izbicki, Gerald Christianson
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