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Introducing Liberative Theologies

by Miguel De La Torre;

Introducing Liberative Theologies
Publication date: 2015-09-01
Number of pages: 288
ISBN: 9781626981409
his multi-author volume, intended as a textbook for college students and a resource for academics, will introduce readers to twelve different fields of "liberative" theologies - Latin American, African, Asian, Non-Christian, Hispanic, African American, Asian-American, Poverty & Class, Feminist, Women of Color, GLBT, and Disability. Each essay will explore how the powerless and disenfranchised employ their religious beliefs to articulate a liberationist religious and theological perspective. The text will serve both as a survey of the diverse strands of liberative theological discourses and and as an introduction to the scholars and texts any readers should pursue in order to delve into more advanced or more specific religious concepts. Authors write from the perspective of their own community, and include prominent theologians, including Jorge Aquino, Janathan Tax, Joerge Rieger, and Sharon Betcher. Each essay includes resources for further reading, discussion questions, and a number of inserts and pullouts to explain important concepts.Miguel De La Torre;

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