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Intergenerational Faith Formation: Learning the Way We Live

by Martineau et al. , Mariette Martineau, Joan Weber, and Leif Kehrwald

Intergenerational Faith Formation: Learning the Way We Live
Publication date: 2008-01-07
Number of pages: 160
ISBN: 9781585956531
This is more than an instructional resource about faith formation in an intergenerational setting much more. It looks at this very successful avenue for learning about and being formed in the faith from all aspects and angles beginning with key principles for effective learning. It then describes the necessary elements for multigenerational learning and explores some of the practices of intergenerational faith formation in the Church today. Above all, it makes a compelling case for intergenerational learning as one of the ways people can best learn about and grow in faith. The authors convincingly show that intergenerational faith formation, when done well, can be magical, powerful, and dramatic. When done well, it provides effective learning in the context of the way people live, in relationship and interaction with persons of all ages. Not only is there a place for intergenerational learning in parish faith formation, the authors believe there is a necessity for it. They show that intergenerational faith formation can help children, adolescents, and adults effectively identify with and integrate into the faith community because their learning and formation takes place in the context of community learning the way they live.Martineau et al., Mariette Martineau, Joan Weber, and Leif Kehrwald