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How to Teach Scripture (Catechist's Guides)

How to Teach Scripture (Catechist's Guides)

In this handy, concise little book, catechists will find a wealth of information for developing a greater and deeper understanding of the Bible and biblical studies that they can use when teaching students of all age levels and backgrounds. The chapters contain practical and simple but not simplistic explanations on the Lectionary, the many different versions and translations of the Bible, the Apocrypha, and the many different books of the Bible. And there are helpful techniques for sharing the scriptures with others.

The author has extensive experience as a catechist and as a catechist trainer, so he writes here with practicality in mind: one can read individual chapters and sections in any order, as needs require. Readers will appreciate the author's straightforward, engaging style and his classroom-tested solutions to problems catechists will encounter. How to Teach Scripture will be a must-have in every catechist's library.Biagio Mazza
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