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How to be a Mindful Christian

How to be a Mindful Christian

Stop! Look up and around you! What do you see? Often we don’t really see much at all. Rushing about, preoccupied with worry and stress or with thinking about what we’ve done or need to do, we aren’t able to live in and celebrate the present moment, embracing life as it is. This can make it difficult to connect with others, with our world, and with God. The solution, says Sally Welch in this practical and insightful book, is learning to practice “Christian mindfulness”—learning to engage all our senses in the action of stepping back from the frenzy of everyday life, stepping into the present moment, and seeing the world and ourselves as God sees us—with truthfulness, compassion, and love.

Rooted in Scripture reflections and the wisdom of spiritual masters, Welch introduces us to 40 simple, easy ways to learn to see the world and ourselves with greater clarity. The simple practice of Christian mindfulness can help you find meaning and joy in your life, deepen your relationships, and grow closer to God. This book is the first step.

Sally Welch
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