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History in His Hands: A Christian Narrative of the West

History in His Hands: A Christian Narrative of the West

Opposing the common exclusion of God from an active role in human history, this work explains how His role exists and can be witnessed in humanity’s complicated dualities—in time and space, war and peace, wealth and poverty, and love and hatred. Arguing that history is a master plan—that God, who is reason and love, wills human existence—Dr. Pursell weaves his thesis through both divine revelation and specific historical events. He explains in accessible terms that God’s plan for human history is that of unity in opposing forces; that historical periods are secular constructs—despite human ingenuity and industrialization, all humankind is part of one historical period under God, defined not by machines but by morals. In a style that is both fluid and engrossing, Dr. Pursell offers Christians and historians alike a new vision of human history that is sure to inspire as much as it educates.

Brennan Pursell
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