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Heresies of the Heart: Developing Emotional Wisdom

Heresies of the Heart: Developing Emotional Wisdom

n this first decade of the new millennium, anxiety, unease, and a deep fear of vulnerability lie silently beneath the rancorous divisions within the churches, between denominations and religions, and between those who hold differing political beliefs and values. Today, religious and political discourse and behavior are increasingly marred by the destructive use of emotions that drive self-righteous certainty, prideful rigidity, and violent conformity, all of which lead to estrangement, alienation, and closed communities. In the midst of this tragic reality, the journey of life becomes fraught with obstacles. Ryan LaMothe aims with this book to provide some maps and practical strategies to navigate our way through these obstacles of life. More specifically, this book sets out to understand various human struggles utilizing the idea of heresies of the heart and its relation to emotional intelligence, emotional wisdom, faith, reverence, and holiness. By addressing heresies of the heart, the author depicts healthy relationships and faith characterized by the constructive use of emotions. The first chapter of the book defines and describes heresies of the heart and right relationships. Subsequent chapters provide a more detailed exploration and explanation of the various features of emotional wisdom and the interpersonal and intrapersonal discipline and work needed to practice it, and its potential positive effects on our lives, workplaces, families, schools, communities, and in our nation.Ryan LaMothe, Ryan Lamothe
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