Henri Nouwen: His Life and Vision

by Michael O'Laughlin

Henri Nouwen: His Life and Vision
Publication date: 2009-06-01
Number of pages: 172
ISBN: 9781570758225
Through more than fifty books Henri Nouwen, the Dutch priest and writer, touched countless people with his compelling interpretation of Christian faith. His immense impact came in part from his willingness to draw deeply on his own experience, inviting readers to share his spiritual journey. Nouwen's life was itself a spiritual text that reflected the very themes he shared in his books: the struggle between intimacy, community and solitude; the gospel challenge to follow Christ in "downward mobility: the question of how to make our life and death a gift to others; discovering the face of Christ in the world; and realizing our own identity as God's beloved.

Richly illustrated with 140 photosmany never before publishedHenri Nouwen provides a many-faceted portrait of one of the most beloved spiritual writers of our time.Michael O'Laughlin


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