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Heartstorming provides a point of entry to the contemplative life for anyone who will become or remain open to the movements of God in their daily life. The author’s 45 eld notes show what can result if the reader takes a journey of growth in being spiritually directed and then goes on to write eld notes by using the simple process Wicks makes available. Through his own experience of God’s nearness and drawing from his deep understanding of the human condition, Robert Wicks puts within reach of us all a healthy spiritual perspective as part of everyday living. Dr. Wicks writes convincingly and in practical terms, giving guidance to both the spiritually adventurous and weary souls among us. In all, he emphasizes the impor- tance of listening to the inner life—mind, will, and emotions—on our way to an increasingly fresh engagement with God’s will and purposes in and around us.Robert Wicks
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