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Healthy Caregiving (Ebook Edition)

by Michelle O'Rourke

Healthy Caregiving  (Ebook Edition)
Publication date: 2020-01-01
ISBN: 9782896888351
Healthy Caregiving is an encouraging, reflective resource for professionals working in a care sector, including health care, social work, chaplaincy and other similar professions. Infused with the wisdom of Henri Nouwen, Michelle O’Rourke helps caregivers to become more intentional and wholistic in how they respond to those they care for every day. With her expertise in Nouwen’s writings, Michelle is able to incorporate Henri’s insights from his work in both spirituality and psychology, inspiring readers as they explore fresh perspectives to feed their souls, and find new meaning in their work. Voices of other experts also act as guides to foster an ethos of self-care, so as to build resilience and a firm foundation for a healthy, fulfilling work life. Filled with valuable information, inspiring stories and questions for self-reflection, this book is a must-have for any caregiver who seeks nourishment in their profession.Michelle O'Rourke