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Healing the Soul: Finding Peace and Consolation When Life Hurts

by Eddie Ensley , Deacon Eddie Ensley, PhD, Richard Rohr (Foreword)

Healing the Soul: Finding Peace and Consolation When Life Hurts
Publication date: 2013-10-31
Number of pages: 176
ISBN: 9781585959211
What you learn in this book will bless, comfort, and encourage you--it will deepen your faith, understanding and, most importantly, your relationship with your Creator. Richard G. Arno, Ph.D., Founder, National Christian Counselors Association

In thirty years of ministry, Deacon Eddie Ensley has seen pain. The prayer experiences he shares here can feed our deeper selves with affirmations of God s love so we can heal and be made whole again. These simple but startlingly powerful prayer methods can bring hope to spouses, parents, teens, professionals, the unemployed, the lonely, and anyone who suffers from physical pain, grief, depression, anxiety, family hurts, and even violence. When we enter this kind of deep prayer, Deacon Eddie says, We are grasped by God s affirmation. We experience his love at the very heart of things, a love that cannot and will not let us go. And that love makes all things fresh and new. Even us.Eddie Ensley, Deacon Eddie Ensley, PhD, Richard Rohr (Foreword)


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