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Healing the Dying (Exploration Book)

Healing the Dying (Exploration Book)

At some time during our lives, each of us will be called to be with a person who is dying. Whether this event takes place in a hospital, hospice, or at home, whether the dying person is a friend, relative or parishioner, we are called to be present to the person and help the dying person be released for death. How can we be with those who are ready to die?

Using the seven final acts and words of Jesus, the authors show what is needed for dying as a healed and whole person. Barbara Shlemon, well known for her work in the healing ministry, says of Healing the Dying: "This will be extremely useful to members of the medical profession, priests, religious and others concerned with pastoral care of the sick. Anyone who has ever grieved for a loved one will find consolation within these pages." Margaret A. Schlientz, Assistant Professor of Psychiatric Nursing at Marquette University, praises Healing the Dying for its "simplicity and gentleness. With prayer and a listening heart, the Linns help release the dying to see the face of the Father."

Jesuit Fathers Matthew and Dennis Linn work full-time in a healing ministry. They are nationally-known speakers and authors whose publications include Healing of Memories, Healing Life's Hurts (both Paulist Press™) and To Heal As Jesus Healed (Ave Maria Press), on which they collaborated with Barbara Shlemon. Mary Jane Linn, C.S.J., is a registered nurse who holds a post-master's degree in psychiatric mental health from the University of California at Berkeley. She is a member of her cousin's healing ministry team, gives retreats and workshops and is pastoral minister to the members of her community who are in retirement at Bethany Convent in St. Paul, Minnesota.Mary Jane Linn, et al, Mary Jane Linn, Dennis Linn, Matthew Linn

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