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Healing the Church: Diagnosing and Treating the Clergy Sexual Abuse Scandal

by Sr. Nuala Kenny, MD , Nuala Kenny

Healing the Church: Diagnosing and Treating the Clergy Sexual Abuse Scandal
Publication date: 2012-10-15
Number of pages: 96
ISBN: 9782896464708
A unique and practical resource for all Catholics lay and clergy alike to examine a real crises in faith. A renowned physician, scholar and religious sister, Sr. Kenny tackles the sexual abuse crisis in the Canadian Catholic Church head-on, looking for both the cause and the cure. Using a model she knows well the process of medical diagnosis Kenny is able to provide a process for purifying, renewing, and strengthening the Church. She walks us through the process of acknowledging the tremendous pain the scandal caused to victims to healing the wounds of victims to preventing further suffering, and gives us ideas for sustaining a healthy and strong Church. Healing the Church is an outstanding resource for not only clergy and church leaders, but also for all Catholics seeking to heal the wounds of the Church. With questions for individual and group reflection, this book is not only informative, but transformative as well.Sr. Nuala Kenny, MD, Nuala Kenny

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