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Having the Last Say: Capturing Your Legacy in One Small Story

Having the Last Say: Capturing Your Legacy in One Small Story

Renowned writing coach Alan Gelb shows baby boomers how to create “last says”—short personal narratives that serve as a powerful form of life review.
As the baby-boomer generation ages, its members are looking ahead to the biggest challenge of all: making sense of life in its third act. Having the Last Say takes life review out of the realm of memoir writing and journaling—making the rich and timeless tradition of authentic storytelling accessible to those who have never considered themselves “writers.” In creating “legacies” in the form of short personal narratives, you will have the opportunity to reflect on the people, actions, and events that have shaped your life and your values, and to share these stories with those who matter most. Gelb's reassuring and straightforward advice will help you every step of the way, from identifying an engaging topic to employing creative writing techniques to construct a compelling story.Alan Gelb;, Alan Gelb
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