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Habits of the Soul

Habits of the Soul

In every lifetime a book comes along that can dramatically change lives. Habits of the Soul is such a book. Over the next 40 days, let this wonderful and powerful book guide you to form new habits in your inner life, habits of joy and peace, habits of generosity and a love for the poor. Let this book help you learn to live, to really live! Habits of the Soul: Learning to Live on Purpose transforms your life because it attends to your soul inside. It touches you in the deepest part of your being and taps into those things which make you most truly human! Use this book alone, or with friends in a small group. You will find its texture rich and its tone inviting. Even those who believe they have no spiritual life at all will find that this book takes them on a journey into the depths of their being. Habits of the Soul: Learning to Live on Purpose is for all who seek God with a sincere heart and for all who experience a restlessness which cannot be named. It offers challenge, hope, consolation and motivation to take action on the single most important need in every human being: connecting with God and committing to living a life of purpose.Linda Perrone Rooney;, Linda Perrone Rooney
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