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Guided Meditations for Catholic Kids

Guided Meditations for Catholic Kids

Building upon the success of their first book, Guided Meditations for Catholic Youth, writer Glynnis Hope Dawson and musician John Dawson create another book geared for younger children. This is a meditation resource for primary students, children aged 4 to 9, to introduce children to prayerful meditation. It is designed for teachers and catechists fully ready-to-use in the classroom or parish, replete with music, intructions, warm-up exercizes, and guided meditations. This book encourages students to reflect on important relationships with Jesus, family, friends, and their communities, to consider various emotions they experience every day, and to ponder the significance of key moments of the liturgical and school year. The accompanying instrumental music CD is age-appropriate, and varied melodically and rhythmically to suit varied themes, and to enhance the meditation experience.

Glynnis Hope B. Dawson

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