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Grandparents Are Special

by Lucy Mead

Grandparents Are Special
Publication date: 2000-08-01
Number of pages: 64
ISBN: 9780517162651
A Tribute to Those Who Love, Nurture, and Inspire
To most of us, our grandma and grandpa are special people who have nurtured us from childhood into adulthood. A warm hug, freely given cookies and candy, a chance to stay up past bedtime are special memories that only our grandparents have given us.
Today's grandparents are just as likely to serve chicken nuggets as chicken soup and teach a computer game instead of a card game. Still, grandparents are always different from parents, allowed to spoil a child with the special love they give.
Grandparents Are Special is a loving tribute to those who seem to nurture with great patience, a celebration of the unique role grandparents play in our lives. Filled with anecdotes, poems, and quotes, this book is a perfect gift to those very special people.Lucy Mead