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God's Power Within You: Attitudes for Living

God's Power Within You: Attitudes for Living

This book explores our potential offered by Christ in His Sermon on the Mount commonly known as the Beatitudes. Within the nine Beatitudes, Christ summarizes his teachings about our life, how to be as children of God. In brief statements, He introduces qualities that we need to develop in order to become members of the kingdom of heaven. This desired state of happiness in the kingdom of heaven is not an abstract or indefinite promise. It is a reality that starts in our present life and provides inner joy and peace while we are still in this world.

Most people pursue physical pleasures or various forms of self-gratification. When I obtain this or am free of that then I will be okay. Invariably, any satisfaction that we obtain accumulation of material wealth or physical pleasure is short-lived and usually is projected into the future. This mindset creates the illusion of salvation in the future. True salvation happens today, it is at this moment, and shall continue after life to become complete in the presence of God.

As our world is going through critical times, people began to realize that there is no satisfactory answer in whatever options society offers. And since nothing seems to be working effectively, people find comfort in returning to God who is the source of life and the provider of all good things. Like a glass of cool water in hot summer day, this book promises to quench the soul s thirst for spiritual relief.Peter M. Kalellis, PhD
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