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God's Grace: Pictures and Portraits of True Miracles

God's Grace: Pictures and Portraits of True Miracles

Luis Palau, one of the best-known evangelists in the world today, has spent years traveling the world sharing the gospel. God’s Grace brings together stories Palau has gathered on his travels. These stories, often beginning with the words “You won’t believe what happened to me!” unfold to reveal an unusual and frequently miraculous series of events that transformed the life of the storyteller.
These poignant snapshots of ordinary people and the miracles that have entered their lives are sure to touch every heart. Inside are stories of hope and healing, understanding and trust, belief in the face of the impossible. Each miraculous story is followed by an appropriate selection from scripture. In one, a woman begins praying for someone she has never met, and finds out what a difference her prayers have made. In another, a family who cannot afford fuel for the winter receives a desperately needed gift. Read about a mysterious stranger who appears to help fix a broken-down car, refusing payment or thanks. Or a young police officer in the line of fire, who prays for safety and is saved.
Through its simple, true-life stories, God’s Grace illustrates the small, often mysterious ways in which God orchestrates events to create something positive amid the confusion and pain of daily life and shows that, even when His intentions are not immediately clear, God gives each individual what he or she needs most.Luis Palau
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