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God's Economy: Biblical Studies from Latin America

God's Economy: Biblical Studies from Latin America
Publication date: 2005-05-31
Number of pages: 250
ISBN: 9781570755873
From Latin America there has emerged a new style of biblical study - prophetic, engaged, and committed to applying the Word of God to the struggle for life and justice. Sharing the perspective of the poor, Latin American scholars have been sensitized to the enormous emphasis in the Bible on the subject of poverty (the fruit of oppression) and the yearning for economic justice. These collected essays, originally published in Spanish in the distinguished journal (RIBLA), represent the work of many of Latin America's leading biblical scholars, both Protestant and Catholic. Their message, rooted in the biblical theme of Jubilee, bears a prophetic challenge for all who take their faith seriously. Contributors include: Elsa Tamez, Jorge Pixley, Jose Miguez Bonino, Pablo Richard, Alicia Winters, and Jose Severino Croatto.