Getting to Know the Catholic Books of the Old Testament

by Dr. Gerard McLarney;

Getting to Know the Catholic Books of the Old Testament
Publication date: 2017-03-01
Number of pages: 32
ISBN: 9782896884162

If the Old Testament is the sacred scripture of our Jewish brothers and sisters, why do we refer to the ‘Catholic books’ of the Old Testament? Why does the Catholic canon of the Old Testament also differ to that of Protestant Christians? Explaining these differences and how they came about, theologian and scripture scholar, and author of another book in this series, The Psalms, Gerard McLarney, offers the reader insight into the wealth of wisdom found in this canon.

This accessible guide is perfect for Catholics curious about the Bible, parish groups, catechists and new and returning religious educators.

Gerard McLarney, Ph.D., is a theologian, scripture scholar and sessional instructor at St. Joseph’s College at the University of Alberta. His most recent book is St. Augustine’s Interpretation of the Psalms of Ascent, published by the Catholic America Press.

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