From Vatican II to Pope Francis

by Paul Crowley, S.J.

From Vatican II to Pope Francis
Publication date: 2014-10-10
Number of pages: 224
ISBN: 9781626980891
Fifty years after the Second Vatican Council, the church is still grappling with the meaning and implications of this defining event and the documents it generated. Rather than rehearse well-worn debates over the interpretation of the Council, the contributors to this volume instead focus on where we go from here. What can we do now, after 50 years, with the inspiration of these teachings in a starkly different world? How do we chart a future for the Church from the standpoint of today? And in particular, what does the papacy of Pope Francis contribute to these questions? Among the topics, the principle of collegiality, the call to justice, the authority of conscience and religious liberty, interreligious dialogue, the role of the laity and the future of ordained ministry.
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