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From Prodigal to Priest

From Prodigal to Priest

Goyo Hidalgo’s struggle with excess, pain, and fear plagued him for ten years. The gritty story of his unexpected redemption started after a hard night of partying in Los Angeles and a life-changing message coming from his television. He woke up that April morning to the broadcast of Pope John Paul II’s funeral Mass. A reflection on the now-saint’s message of “Be not afraid” awakened a deep longing in Hidalgo’s soul—a yearning that led him back to the Catholic faith of his youth and ultimately into the priesthood. From Prodigal to Priest takes you on Hidalgo’s journey of reconciliation with his faith and his family. He offers compassionate encouragement to those who believe themselves unforgivable and reminds them that Jesus is always there to welcome them home to the Church. Hidalgo’s conversion story affirms the power of God’s mercy and the deep transformation his grace can bring. Hidalgo grew up in a devout Catholic family in a small town in Spain. He went to a minor seminary as a youth to begin studies to become a priest, but left after about five years. Once he went to college, he fell away from the faith—and repeatedly lied to his mother about it. Hidalgo’s dream was to travel the world and teach, leaving poverty behind. With Jesus’s parable of the prodigal son (Luke 15:11-32) as a companion, you will walk with Hidalgo through both the joy and the difficulties he experienced as he came home to the Catholic faith of his childhood—confessing to his mother, relearning how to pray, going to Confession, telling his friends about his reversion, and his call to the priesthood. And you will learn that it’s important to pray, discern, trust, and be thankful to God, regardless of the outcome. Each chapter includes prayers for both prodigal sons and daughters and those who accompany them.Fr. Goyo Hidalgo
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