From Enemy to Friend: Jewish Wisdom and the Pursuit of Peace

by Rabbi Amy Eilberg

From Enemy to Friend: Jewish Wisdom and the Pursuit of Peace
Publication date: 2014-04-10
Number of pages: 304
ISBN: 9781626980617
Ancient Jewish traditions offer a guide to reconciliation and peacebuilding in our lives and our world.

From Enemy to Friend blends ancient Jewish sacred texts on peacebuilding, real-life descriptions of conflict engagement--interpersonal, interreligious, intra-communal, and international--and contemporary conflict theory. The interweaving of personal story, sacred text, and theory demonstrates how relationships can move from estrangement and wounding, entrenched bigotry and fear, to positive, engaged encounter. What emerges is a portrait of peacemaking as a spiritual practice that can guide the lives of faithful people seeking peace in their lives and in the world. After exploring this theme in the contexts of inter-religious dialogue, struggle within the Jewish community itself, and the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, the book concludes with practical disciplines to cultivate the qualities of soul essential to the art of pursuing peace.
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