Fearless: Conquer Your Demons and Love with Abandon

by Sonja Corbitt;

Fearless: Conquer Your Demons and Love with Abandon
Publication date: 2016-11-07
Number of pages: 224
ISBN: 9781594716935

What are the sources of anxiety, stress, and fear you experience in your life? Popular Catholic speaker and author Sonja Corbitt believes that these often-paralyzing emotions are the direct result of our everyday battles against sin and temptation. In Fearless, she equips us with the spiritual tools we need to restore our spiritual well-being.

The term “spiritual warfare” conjures images of heavenly battles between archangels and demons, but Sonja Corbitt insists that there is a realm of spiritual warfare that is more domestic than it is cosmic—in the trenches of dirty bathrooms, fighting children, irritable spouses, the struggle to stop smoking or overeating, crazy schedules, and overwhelming workloads.

In her new book, the author of Unleashed takes us deep into scripture and the spiritual practices of the Church in order to show us how to resist the avalanche of temptations that can threaten us and lead to paralyzing anxiety and fear. Through her powerful personal story and teaching, Corbitt shows us how to put on the armor of Christ and learn to live fearlessly, love with abandon, and embrace life with confidence.

In Unleashed, Corbitt identified the spiritual wounds that reveal themselves through the harmful patterns and relationships in our lives. In Fearless, she offers scriptural tools that help us understand and conquer the demons of sin, Satan, self, and sloth. She helps us recognize the methods the devil uses to keep us enslaved and she immerses us in a profound contemplation of love, which is the only possible weapon against the spirit of fear.

In this book you will come to understand

  • the spiritual roots of fear, depression, and anxiety;
  • ways to “abide” in Christ and find freedom from fear;
  • signs of negative spiritual suggestion and influence in your daily life;
  • the deep, personal lies we believe that keep us slaves to fear;
  • specific truths about the limitations of Satan’s power and character;
  • the “pieces” of spiritual armor that protect us from fear; and
  • how to rest fully in God’s goodness and love.

Each chapter contains features that will make it a popular resource for personal and group study: review notes, an invitation to prayer, and a series of probing questions (called God Prompts) that encourage you to explore the content in a deeply personal way. Fearless offers encouragement to those who are anxious or fearful about the future and who seek a spiritual solution.

Features & Benefits

  • Corbitt is the creator of four popular DVD-based, scripture-study programs available from www.pursuingthesummit.com.  
  • Corbitt’s dynamic teaching has been featured on CatholicTV and other Catholic media.
  • Paul Thigpen’s Manual for Spiritual Warfare is a popular, but impersonal, handbook that helps readers recognize, resist, and overcome evil in their lives. Fearless personalizes the struggle with sin and evil in a dramatic and compelling way.

Sonja Corbitt is a dynamic Catholic author, speaker, and radio host who has produced several high-impact, uplifting multimedia Bible studies, including Unleashed, Soul of the World, Fearless, and Ignite.

A Carolina native who was raised as a Southern Baptist, Corbitt attended Mitchell College and the Southern Baptist Seminary Extension and then converted to Catholicism. Corbitt served as director of religious education at St. John Vianney Catholic Church in Gallatin, Tennessee, and as executive director of Risen Radio in Lebanon, Tennessee.

She is the host of Bible Study Evangelista on Breadbox Media. Corbitt is in formation as a Third Order Carmelite, a columnist at The Great Adventure Bible Study blog, a contributor to Magnificat, and the author of Unleashed. Her Bible study, Unleashed, was featured as a thirteen-part series on CatholicTV. A frequent guest on Catholic radio and television, she also wrote for the Gallatin News Examiner and Oremus, the Westminster Cathedral magazine. She lives in Tennessee with her husband, Bob, and two sons. 

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