Faith-based Reflections on American Life


Faith-based Reflections on American Life
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ISBN: 9780809146383
Faith-Based Reflections on American Life is a collection of brief general interest essays brought together under the headings of 1) Family, (2) Interesting Individuals, (3) Spirituality, (4) Peace and Justice, (5) Church, (6) Public Policy, (7) Purpose, (8) Education, and (9) Business.

This book grew out of the author s experience as a regular syndicated columnist for the Catholic News Service. The presentation has a religion and politics thread in which important and significant contemporary issues and concerns are addressed.

Fr. Byron offers reflections, anecdotes, and insights from the perspectives of his background, training and varied experience as a Jesuit priest, research professor, professor of business and society, author and pastor over the past forty years. His intention in this collection of essays is to offer a Catholic point of view in a thoughtful consideration of a broad range of contemporary issues. 159153 William J. Byron, Sj

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