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Exodus: God to the Rescue (Six Weeks with the Bible for Catholic Teens)

Exodus: God to the Rescue (Six Weeks with the Bible for Catholic Teens)

This young adult Bible study, Exodus: God to the Rescue, helps teens to see how God revealed himself as savior in the Old Testament—and how that salvation story continued and culminated in the person of Jesus.
Exodus not just about God’s actions for Israel long ago; it is also about God’s activity in our lives as followers of Christ. In reading about the rescue of the Israelite slaves, we can learn about God’s saving love for us in Christ. The way God sustained the Israelites in the wilderness reminds us of some of the sacraments of the Church. For example, our immersion into Christ’s death and life through the water of Baptism harkens back to the Israelites’ passing through the water of the Red Sea. God’s provision of manna offers us an image of the Eucharist, the heavenly bread by which we are nourished—Christ’s body and blood. Thus, as we read about God’s rescue of his people Israel, we can ask the Holy Spirit to help us understand better our own personal salvation history. We can ask ourselves how we have experienced being rescued from the grip of sin, how we have discovered the personal presence of Jesus as he lives with us in the new covenant he has made through his death and resurrection.

Designed as a guided discovery, Six Weeks with the Bible for Catholic Teens introduces high school students to books of the Bible by integrating the biblical text with insightful questions to help youth discern what Scripture means for their lives today. The series provides students with a clear explanation of Biblical text, opportunities for prayer, and a means to enter into conversation with God.
Jeanne Kun, Mr. Kevin Perrotta, Mr. Gerald Darring
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