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Everyday Mysticism: Meeting God Face to Face

Everyday Mysticism: Meeting God Face to Face

Why have we made elitist that which was meant to be common? The outpouring at Pentecost was for all, and here we have a book of spiritual gems, living experience, and traditional wisdom that again offers God's great outpouring.--Richard Rohr, O.F.M. Center for Action and Contemplation In his newest and most powerful book, Deacon Eddie Ensley shows that mysticism isn t just for monastics and contemplatives. It s for each of us, every day of our lives, every time we open our hearts to God. Mining the rich heritage of great Christian mystics of the past, Ensley uncovers wisdom that is surprisingly timeless and practical for today s believers.

He also offers transformative stories of modern day mystics ordinary people who have encountered God s life-changing presence. In addition, he offers profound insights for and about individual meditation, group prayer, and journaling, and how these can gently guide believers into the light of God s shimmering love.

This is a book that will change lives and open hearts to God because it holds out a simple and profound treasure, one that leads to everyday mysticism, to seeing God face to face.Deacon Eddie Ensley

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