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Enter the Story: Biblical Metaphors for Our Lives

Enter the Story: Biblical Metaphors for Our Lives

In a delightful yet profound reading of the Scriptures, Enter the Story opens up the central stories in the Bible and shows how they are alive in us. These stories happen over and over again, much like a great unfinished symphony, in the lives of those of us who look to Scripture for inspiration. In this sense, the biblical stories are metaphors?events that may have occurred long ago among biblical characters, but also, the same dramas great and small that happen to believers today, every day.
Fran Ferder takes familiar stories from Scripture and shows us what the significant events, or feasts, in the great Christian story mean and how they continue to unfold in our lives -- in ways we do not expect. These old stories are new stories. Unfinished stories. They are our stories. And when we understand them, they can transform our lives.Fran Ferder
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