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Engaged Spiritualty: Faith Life in the Heart of the Empire

by Joseph Nangle

Engaged Spiritualty: Faith Life in the Heart of the Empire
Publication date: 2014-07-28
ISBN: 9781570757631
""Spirituality has everything to do with active engagement in the here and now, the real moment where each of us live our lives... Spirituality has to be engaged with reality or it is not life in the Spirit.""
During his fifteen years in Latin America, Joe Nangle observed firsthand the awakening of a church and a new reading of the Gospel that is ""good news to the poor."" In Engaged Spirituality he shares the lessons from that experience, showing how the radical challenge to ""love God and our neighbors as ourselves"" can transform, on every level, our understanding and practice of faith. On an obvious level, this involves a recognition of the social dimension of the Gospel. But this leads inevitably to a new understanding of scripture, prayer, religious vows, the church, Eucharist, and spirituality.Joseph Nangle