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The End of Suffering

by Joseph F. Girzone; , Joseph F Girzone

The End of Suffering
Publication date: 2013-04-01
Number of pages: 152
ISBN: 9781626980259
Is suffering inescapable? What is its meaning? Its purpose? How can we get through it? Transcend it?
This is a book of Christian hope and inspiration for anyone who suffers, and that is all of us. It offers practical wisdom for those who suffer from

Physical pain
Low self-esteem
Anxiety and Fear

As difficult a problem as suffering is for us to understand, writes the author, this book is a modest attempt to try to help myself as well as others to approach this impossible phenomenon in a way in which we can at least see some beneficial and positive purposes flowing from our suffering.Joseph F. Girzone;, Joseph F Girzone

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