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Never-Ending Love

Never-Ending Love

For too long, miscarriage and infant loss have been relegated to the shadows in the Church. Perhaps a pregnancy has ended before anyone outside the family knows there is one. Or it happens before the

pregnancy is showing. Or the miscarriage is due to a serious chromosomal anomaly. Or there is a crisis during labour that leads to the baby’s death in utero or in the days following the birth.

Catholic couples and families who experience these heartbreaking losses greatly benefit when they are supported by their faith community – pastors and pastoral teams, fellow parishioners, families and friends. In this long-awaited resource, a range of voices offer their perspective on how faith can be a source of support, hope and healing for those grieving the loss of a child before, during or soon after birth.

Words of experience and wisdom from various perspectives – several women, a married couple, a medical doctor, a pastor, a theologian, a team of liturgists offering rituals to mark the loss, and approaches parishes and dioceses can take – are complemented by prayers and resources for working with grieving couples.

St. Paul tells us that “Love never ends” (1 Corinthians 13:8). As a Christian community, we can help couples express and remember their never-ending love for their beloved child, who will always have a cherished place in their hearts and their lives.

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