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Embracing Our Blessings: Faces of the Beatitudes

Embracing Our Blessings: Faces of the Beatitudes

What if we took Jesus at his word and simply believed what he said: that we are indeed blessed? We would then see the beatitudes as a love song, one that invites each of us into a life of prayer and service in keeping with the gift we are. Who were the poor in spirit, the meek and those who mourn, who were gathered on that hillside the day Jesus preached his sermon on the mount? Embracing Our Blessings walks us through the life of Jesus, through the stories he told and the people he touched, and identifies these people of blessing. Each of these stories casts powerful new light on a particular beatitude so that you might be better able to identify these gifts within yourself. Let this book touch your heart and mind. Let it lead you closer to the blessed way of life which Jesus teaches is possible for us all!Kathy Chesto;, Kathleen O. Chesto
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