Embers in the Ashes: New Life in the Church

by OSB; Martin Werlen

Embers in the Ashes: New Life in the Church
Publication date: 2013-05-31
Number of pages: 48
ISBN: 9780809148561
In this dynamic work intended to "wake up the Catholic Church," Abbot Martin Werlen exhorts, provokes, and inspires readers into facing today s situation in the church and making the best of it fanning the embers and letting the fire burn.
Using thoughtful questioning and delving into various aspects of history, his approach is to provoke discussion and critique, pointing out ironies and probing answers. Critique is legitimate, indeed necessary, in the church. Sacred Scripture itself attests to it. Of course, not all critique will be considered here, nor will solutions to problems be offered. Nevertheless, encouragement shall be given to discover new, perhaps even obvious, ways instead of falling into impotence, resignation, and helplessness.
Some of the topics covered: decline in church attendance; traditionalism; loss of credibility in the church; lack of support of human rights; the role of the baptized and confirmed people in the selection of bishops; the role of women in the church; and how the church may come to the assistance of those with failed marriages.
Hopeful, thought-provoking, and engaging, here is a book that should find an audience among church professionals as well as anyone concerned with the present and future of the church. 189146 OSB; Martin Werlen, Martin Werlen OSB
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