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Earth Ethics: A Case Method Approach (Ecology and Justice)

Earth Ethics: A Case Method Approach (Ecology and Justice)

A heavily revised edition of Christian Environmental Ethics: A Case Method Approach, this volume introduces new topics in environmental ethics, including hydraulic fracturing, greenhouse gases, food consumption, and resource stewardship, and revisits traditional topics in environmental ethics, while expanding beyond a specifically Christian hermeneutic.

Employing the same format as its predecessors, it addresses these important environmental issues through introduction and analysis but also through case studies, making this an ideal textbook for a class on Environmental Ethics. Using a tried-and-true method first used at Harvard Business School, they can present material both old and new in a clear and pertinent fashion. The addition of Dan Spencer as a third author brings in new perspectives, an important consideration as the authors move beyond “Christian environmental ethics” to a more inclusive view of environmental issues. In addition, the structure of the book allows teachers (both high school and university) to separate out discrete issues for study and discussion.James Martin-Schramm;Daniel Spencer;, James Martin-Schramm, Laura Stivers, Daniel Spencer
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