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Earth Community, Earth Ethics (Ecology & Justice)

Earth Community, Earth Ethics (Ecology & Justice)

This acclaimed book provides a comprehensive approach to issues of social cohesion and ecological concern, synthesizing insights from religion, ethics, and environmental science in a single vision for creating a sustainable community of the Earth. With environmental ethics as its primary focus, Larry Rasmussen brings together insights from diverse sources on the state of the environment -- and what can be done, now, to halt the degradation of life.

Larry Rasmussen first scans our global situation and the threats to life posed by the modern world. Next, he turns to the realms of religious faith and human symbolism, gleaning from them the resources for a "conversion to earth" needed for global survival. Finally, Rasmussen offers a constructive ethic, a program of "Earth Action" that can shape a global movement toward sustainable community.

For all those concerned with the environment, religion, and society, Earth Community, Earth Ethics provides a deeply nuanced and brilliantly illuminating vision of where we are, and where we must go from here.Larry L. Rasmussen

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