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Draw Near

Draw Near

“Your light will come, Jerusalem; the Lord will dawn on you in radiant beauty. You will see his glory within you.”

This line from the Church’s Morning Prayer bookends your Advent journey in this new daily reflection booklet for Advent and Christmas. Draw Near allows you to build a daily prayer practice that will help you find purpose and meaning by fanning the embers of Christ’s presence within as you prepare for the light of his birth.

Each week—from the first Sunday of Advent through the feast of the Baptism of the Lord—focuses on a different seasonal theme, calling us to:

  • wake up
  • prepare the way
  • rejoice
  • receive the light
  • wonder at the coming of Christ

Each day opens with a line from the Liturgy of the Hours or the Bible—a psalm, prayer, antiphon, or response—and includes a short spiritual reflection, prayers for morning and evening, and a unique “Traveling Question” to ponder throughout the day that will help you focus on opening yourself to God.

The book is affordably priced for bulk purchases by Catholic parishes, schools, and other institutions.

Ave Maria Press
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