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Doorways into Hope and Joy at Advent and Christmas

Doorways into Hope and Joy at Advent and Christmas

It’s that time of year!

Advent and Christmas are supposed to be seasons of quiet anticipation and peaceful wonder. Yet, despite what the carol says, we have few silent nights and even fewer days when all is calm. Advent and Christmas have become laden with expectation. We put pressure on ourselves to find the perfect gifts, bake and prepare for the holidays, act happy even when we’re struggling, and so much more.

These prayers are a little breather. A rest from the hype. A chance to just be ourselves for a moment, just as we are, with the God who wants to keep things simple. Spending time each day with these words and images can help bring peace and hope to this time of waiting and celebration. They aim to draw us closer to the God who loves us enough to become one of us.

Michael McGirr
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